Hi, I’m Martyn, the founder of Guinea Pig Geek. I’ve has always loved animals. When my 5 year old son showed an interest in getting guinea pigs, I did some research and found there was so much that I needed to learn in order to be a good Guinea Pig dad!

I decided to start Guinea Pig Geek because I was so interested in the topic and wanted to help others who might be looking to get guinea pigs. I’ve has learned a lot along the way and i’m excited to share my knowledge with others who are thinking about getting these adorable creatures!

When not writing about Guinea Pigs, you’ll find me and the rest of the family playing with our piggies or going on walks and spending time outdoors.

Meet The Guinea Pigs

Millie – Chief Carrot Eater

Millie is a young, brown-spotted guinea pig who just joined the editorial team at Guinea Pig Geek.

She loves to eat (especially lettuce, carrots and peppers), and when she’s not chowing down, she enjoys playing with her sister Molly or taking a nap in some hay.

Molly – Chief Jumper

Molly is Millie’s crazy sister. She often pops up out of nowhere and startles her sister with her loud whistling.

Molly is very active, and can often be seen “popcorning” around the cage. She loves to eat lettuce, hay, and raspberries. When she’s not jumping around, Molly likes to bug her sister and get in the way while she’s trying to eat.

How Did The Interest in Guinea Pigs Get Started?

My son has always wanted animals, ever since he was a baby we’ve had the cats and he shows them so much affection.

Since he was around 3, he’s been wanting a pet. Initially this was a rabbit, which then moved into a Tortoise. He was a little young then, but as of writing this he has turned 5 and so we started to research the best type of pet to have with children (and of course our cats)

After this research we decided on either Guinea Pigs or a rabbit, however rabbits and cats don’t get along. So my wife and I agreed on Guinea Pigs.

I’ve had mice in the past and my wife has had rabbits but neither of us have had guinea pigs, so we needed to do our research.

At the time, I really didn’t know much about them and just had a lot of questions.

I naturally enjoy learning new things and found Guinea Pigs to be a fascinating animal, with so much to know beforehand.

Once I jumped down that rabbit hole (or guinea pig hole), I couldn’t stop learning more and more.

The more things I learnt, the more questions I had and I knew others must be the same.